Norwegian Blue



If you have a computer charting system, you may wish to download a copy of our track and automated logbooks through the Northwest Passage. Of particular interest is our track around Weld Harbour where you can see our numerous attempts to penetrate the pack. We used Maxsea 7.3 and I have no idea which charting programs the data is compatible with.

SeaUser 02-Aug-03.PTF

SeaUser 29-Sep-03.PTF

SeaLog 01-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 02-Aug-03.LGB

SeaLog 04-Aug-03.LGB

SeaLog 09-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 11-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 14-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 26-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 30-Sep-03.LGB

SeaLog 31-Aug-03.LGB