Richard Wood


Bellot Strait

Enjoying sunset in the Bering Strait

D.O.B: 29/12/43 (The old man!)

Nationality: British

Previous sailing experience:

A lifetime of messing about in boats and a bad habit of serial boat building, starting with a canoe (which sailed sideways), an Enterprise dinghy (which often sailed upside down), fitting out an Elizabethan 31' hull ('Eroica'), a 40' steel Robert Clark hull ('Ultima Thule') & most recently a complete build of 'Norwegian Blue' a 42' steel Hywel Price design (1991-1995). Many years of family cruising and racing in these boats and in our Firebird catamaran 'Flying Circus' and our 47' trimaran 'John Willie'.

A couple of Round Britain races ('Eroica' 1974 & 'Ultima Thule' 1978)

Pacific and Trans Atlantic voyages in various yachts

Southern Ocean and Antarctic voyage in 1990-1991 in 'Teake Hadewych' including Patagonia, Antarctic Peninsula & following in Shackleton's wake from Elephant island to South Georgia.

Arctic cruising in 'Norwegian Blue'