Andrew Wood

Franklin Bay

Helming in Franklin Bay Northwest Passage

Andrew is currently racing with Leslie Irvine in the 2010 Shetland Round Britain and Ireland race, click here to visit their site


DOB: 16/05/1973

Nationality: British

Miles logged as skipper: circa 100,000 nm

Yachting qualifications:

RYA Yachtmaster of the year 2004 (click here for picture)

Royal Cruising Club 'Seamanship' Medal 2004 (click here for images)

RYA Yachtmaster 'Ocean' (commercially endorsed)

RYA Yachtmaster 'Offshore'

RYA Yachtmaster 'Coastal'

RYA Yachtmaster 'Ocean' Shore based

RYA Yachtmaster'Offshore' Shore based

RYA Sea Survival

RYA 1st aid

RCA VHF Certificate

PADI Open Water Diver Certificate

Previous sailing experience:

2004-05: 15 months as delivery skipper for PYDWW. Numerous yachts and passages including Beneteau 57's, Farr 60, Sweden Yachts 45, Halberg Rassy 62, Contest 55, X Yachts 70. Four Transatlantic crossings and several Iberian, Mediterranean, Baltic and UK voyages.

2003: New Zealand-Aleutian Islands (Alaska)-Northwest Passage-UK (Skipper)

2002: Antigua-Trinidad-Venezuela-Colombia-Panama-Galapagos-Easter Island-Pitcairn-French Polynesia-Rarotonga-Nuie-Tonga-New Zealand (Skipper)

2001: UK-Iberian coast-Canaries-Antigua (Skipper)

2001: Shetland-Cornwall (Skipper)

2000: UK-Norway-Spitsbergen-Norway-Shetland (wintered in Shetland) (Skipper)

2000: Canaries-Portugal-Spain-UK (Skipper)

1999-2000: 2nd season chartering for Island Surf Adventures in Canaries (Skipper)

1999: UK-Portugal-Canaries (Skipper)

1999: Canaries-Madeira-Azores-UK (Skipper)

1998-1999: Season chartering for Island Surf Adventures in the Canaries (Skipper)

1998: UK-Portugal-Canaries (Skipper)

1973-1998: General family cruising and dinghy racing